Monday, November 14, 2005

The Christening

I've given in. The world of online journaling has summarily captured, tortured and brought me to my knees....

I've decided life is a little too complicated today. What happened to stopping to smell the roses? Ooooh, I bet it was allergies. I hope tomorrow is less complicated. Today is bad because everytime I exert myself over a slow meander, I cough so hard my lungs try to leap directly through my windpipe onto the ground in front of me. I apologize... you didn't need to know that. Double dose of Nyquil outta put me out of my misery, at least for the evening.

I've always been a journaler. Is that a word? I'm not a journalIST... just a journalER. I have piles of half-filled journals in boxes and on shelves. There's a writer in there somewhere. There's definitely a wannabe photographer and artist... let's add journalist to the list, shall we?

Time for the dreamless sleep of chemical-induced slumber...


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