Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I've been thinking about love lately. Not love as a romantic notion (though a little romance would not be unwelcome... know anyone?), but love as a relationship between all the people in our lives. Love as a force to be reckoned with.

Normally I don't tend to wax philosophical (at least not out loud- normally, I said!), but the force of emotions I've been feeling lately have made me think. The love I have for my family is so intense sometimes, so raw and consuming.

What would I be willing to do because I love that much? Will I ever love a man that much? I believe I have loved before. It definitely seems that "love" has been more of an act than a relationship lately... which is okay. I can only take so much intensity.

Today is my mom's birthday. As she gets older, I want to protect her more. I want to make sure she is happy and healthy. I make sure she knows I love her. My gift to her this year is going to be my time more than the pretty decorative wooden bowl I bought her. I am going home for the whole 5 days surrounding Thanksgiving to help with the myriad of family events we have planned.

Maybe it's Thanksgiving. Yes, I think I'll blame it on that. It's making me squishy. I'm an emotional mushball and I think I like it.

I find that I want to pursue photography more and more lately. The problem is I CAN'T just yet. I need to take a class, I think. Maybe? Dunno. My cousin suggested taking some of my stuff to amateur shows, but it would have to be large and mounted, blah blah blah... good idea, and I would love to have one of my hobbies make money for me, but... We'll see. I don't know.

Random tonight. It's late. One more day until I get to help make pies.


At 2:13 PM, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

Your mom will appreciate the time you spend with her a lot more that the time she spends with that lovely, new bowl.
Enjoy your five days with your family.
We will be travelling to my hubby's parents and spending a few days with his extended family.
I'm looking forward to eating PIE!!


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