Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I couldn't stop myself. I was in a city I had never visited before, walking down the street, and here was this fantastic door. It didn't belong in the city. It belonged in some long forgotten forest, where there are still woodcutters and wicked witches.

Perhaps I've been reading too many children's stories lately.

It spoke to me, though... and I love the little window above the door.... the ivy climbing up the walls and onto the roof...

I couldn't see the rest of the house... just the entrance. But for a minute, there was magic.


At 1:31 PM, Blogger Benjamin said...

great find... Your right, it does seem like something out of a fairy tale (and I haven't been reading children's books) I think it would have looked a little better if you had cropped it to get rid of the trees and the grey box on the left.

btw...I have changed my photo blog over from studio701 to

Drop by and let me know how you like the new site. Keep up the good work.

At 11:58 PM, Blogger Funny Abby said...

Is that a trail of breadcrumbs leading away from the door?

At 12:41 AM, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

That is a treasure of a picture. I feel like Princess Aurora or Snow White will open that door at any moment.


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