Thursday, February 16, 2006


I was looking up these pictures to try and do some creative things for scrapbooking and thought I might as well post them. I wish I could take credit for how beautiful the flowers are- my mom is the one with the green thumb!

She had a garden full of zinnias in the fall... she would give me bouquets to take home every week because there were so many. And they were so huge! This one was probably 5 inches in diameter.

Snapdragons were my favorite as a kid. I used to love pulling open their mouths and letting them snap shut. They DID look a little fierce...

Usually, someone would get silly and start making the snapdragon talk or sing... stupid? Yes. But I say if you can amuse yourself with a flower or a stick for awhile, you have an imagination that will come in handy for the future. You'd be surprised how enviable a good imagination is.


Side note: I believe I have encountered the friendliest Arby's in the entire world. Every time I go there (which is more often than I should. But I like they're market fresh sandwiches. And in my job, cooking for myself at 9:00 when my day is done is SO unappealing), the staff is so cheery and happy and not the kind of cheery that makes you want to stab out their eyes with a ballpoint pen, but the cheery that actually makes you smile. I have complimented them several times on how wonderful it is to get good customer service and feel like someone is happy with their job. So, if you're ever in upstate NY, exit 11 off Rt. 81- stop in at the Arby's and get service with a smile.


At 9:08 AM, Blogger Benjamin said...

the zinnia picture is nice. Lots of color. I myself love snapdragons, I have yellow ones in my flowerbed in the front yard.

Arby's is one of my fav'O places to eat. I love the market fresh sandwiches, although the roast beef with Arby's sauce is to die for. My local Arby's has OK service, but not the cheery helpful kind, however Back Yard Brugers people are always very nice and the restaurant is always clean too.

At 3:26 PM, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

Arby's menu is about the best in fast food. It is unusual to get great customer service these days. It really stands out when you do get it.

The flowers are so pretty. Your mom does have a green thumb.


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