Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The City at Christmastime

I love New York City. I love it any time of year- cold and blustery, hot and sticky, when the leaves are falling, or when they're just starting to peek out of their buds... but my favorite time in NYC is Christmastime.

There's something magical about the city at Christmas. The lights, the decorations.... it makes me feel like a kid again. I was just there last weekend, and I think each time I go, I see my favorite places with new eyes.

This is Cartier, in which I have not ever been, but they decorate a little differently every year. I love the boxes all tumbling down the building.

I think the Chrysler building is my favorite building in New York. I love the architecture, the clean look... it has it's own presence among the rest of the skyscrapers.

The clock at Grand Central Station- where my grandparents arranged to meet during WWII when my grandfather had leave for 72 hours. I think that's incredibly romantic.

I like this picture... I think that may be the Plaza Hotel on Central Park that's reflected... not sure...

Me and my friends at Rockefeller Center! The must-see place for every tourist to NYC, especially during the holidays.

Update on my diabetes: Thank you for your kind comments and thoughts. The initial shock took me a little while to get over. I'm on an extra medication to help my body use it's own insulin and I test my blood sugar level twice a day. So far, I've been staying in normal levels. I see the doctor in a week.