Saturday, January 13, 2007

Stop Flashing Me!!!

One of the things I've been trying out a lot lately is using the natural or just the existing light when I'm taking pictures. I'm getting better at steadying my hand without using a tripod or flat surface to set the camera on.

This series is my "Ode to Pottery Barn":

I can see how the natural light in these makes such a huge difference. Everything is just a little softer... no real hard lines...

I think this picture is really cute. These toes belong to my brother's nieces and they insisted my sister paint their toes last time we saw them. I wish I had another picture of them as they were posing for this one... arms around each other, staring down at their toes...

I love the contrast of neon in the dark, and this has the reflection on the glass as well. This is the regionally-famous Dinosaur Barbecue, the best pulled pork in the North. A genuine honky-tonk where you can find bikers and businessmen sitting side by side on any given day, it's a great place for a sandwich, a beer, and some great music. No, they didn't pay me for this endorsement.... but that's an idea...

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Tiddle Your Wink

My brother is a good sport, most of the time. He doesn't like losing games and can get sulky when even his football team has a bad day, but for some reason, when it's just me and him, he does alright with losing.

It was just me and him last night at the parents' house. Lil sis and I had gone shopping all day and so I was hanging out there, eating free dinner and chillin'. Sometimes I get in these moods to play games from my childhood, so I pulled out Battleship and Tiddlywinks. We had to read the rules of Tiddlywinks, because all I remember from playing as a child is pursuing the little plastic disks all over the dining room floor!

Can you find the flying wink in this photo?

We played with catching the winks mid-air with the camera. It was a challenge, but so much fun!

This wink almost made it into the 100 hole in the board, but ended up skipping over... We must have spent at least an hour or more playing. My brother is the Tiddlywink champ.

I took this one with no flash... adjusting the light levels needs some more playing... but I love the textures.

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Dailies

That's what I've taken to calling my resolution photos. The Dailies. Makes it sound all official-like. I haven't taken any outside shots since Monday, much to my regret, but it calls upon my imagination to be more creative here at home, too.

My view through the kitchen window. Where's my window washer?!?

The Holy Family in a chili pepper. An ornament from my friend Paul. The lighting was really hard to get on this one.

This one is today's.... and I love it. I LOVE it. I got this figurine in an import shop in Orlando, FL. I am inspired by it constantly. There's a power in the pose that's undeniable. I love how the light washes out the left upper edges of the figure. In this picture, I think of the figure being in the presence of God, hiding his face in humility and God just washing over him.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Year of 30

This is the year I turn 30. Granted, I still have a few months of 29 left, but instead of being scared, panicked, and depressed, this is the year I am going to celebrate my life and myself and make it a year of acceptance, new beginnings, and growth.

One of the things I will do this year is take at least one picture a day. This will stretch my photographic imagination and also get me out on those days when I just don't FEEL like it.

Another thing I plan to do is make a list of at least 52 people, and once a week, write them a note about how they've impacted my last thirty years. There are people out there that have changed who I am in such amazing ways and I want them to know.

Thirdly, I'm going to kick my diabetes in the ass. I'm going to shed the weight that is holding me back and I'm going to get off my medications. I'm going to go to the gym and exercise at least three times a week and this is for ME, not for my family, not for a future spouse, for ME.

I'm going to get my finances in control. I'm going to finish paying off those annoying bills that I've been neglecting for months. I'm going to feel the control and lose the anxiety.

So far, this is my list. I will be adding to it as we get further in to the Year of 30. I really want to push myself. I didn't like 29. There was a lot of pain, a lot of suffering, and maybe that was in preparation for 30. I can only hope.

Happy New Year.