Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Boston and beyond

I spent the weekend after my birthday (still celebrating, of course!) in Beantown with my mom and my lil sister. It was good to get away from home for a little while, get quality time with my family, and take pictures again...
Boston's downtown area is so neat... buildings from "ancient" history, or at least as far back as this country goes. I got a little obsessed with taking pictures of some of the headstones in the old cemeteries... my sister refused to set foot in one more church or graveyard by the end of the day!

This is Revere Park, with the Old North Church in the background. I love the story of Paul Revere.... that must have been an incredibly exciting and scary time to live in this country. Our forefathers were rebels, man!

We visited Harvard University and caught part of the unofficial tour of "Hahvahd" by some of the students. It was highly entertaining. Harvard's library is IMMENSE.

We ended the day in the North End, at Giacomo's Ristorante, a restaurant that we had to wait an hour and a half for a table, but the food was worth it. Rigatoni with sausage, portabellos, and broccoli rabe in a plum tomato and smoked mozzerella sauce. To die for. And normally I don't eat fungus.
More pictures coming SOON. Spring is here and photo-taking will resume with a passion. I'm looking into making photography generate some income for me... cross your fingers!